Over the last 35 years her major sculptures have been worked in bronze, glass, steel, sailcloth, stuccodore plaster, and reconfigured landscape.  Drawing, clay, watercolour and photography have also been central to her work. Her artistic themes derive from site-specific dialogues between architecture and sculpture, the emotional resonances of the coastal landscape in which she lives, relationships between male and female, archaeological sites and their artefacts, and connections between music, the theatrical and the visual.  Light has been a constant focus as is evidenced in commissioned artworks such as, for example, NC Iris (2006), Whitelight Garden (2006), Light Ensemble (2008) and Light House (2009) and exhibitions such as Spirit and Light

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Her forthcoming solo exhibition ABRIDGED, will be on show in the main gallery of the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin from the 6th September to the 27th October 2024



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